2010. május 12., szerda

Eseménydús nap

Today I was warned by some friends, because they spoted my sealyham's picture on a dog vendor's site, I checked the link, and the picture was there, moreover it was signed. I wrote a mail to the adress from the site, here's the full mailing between us, it's really interesting, I would like to drive the breeders attention to this. It starts from the bottom of the page.
So I should have beenn payed for my own pictures. :o)

Ma figyelmeztettek, hogy egy kereskedői oldalon az én sealyhamom képe van kint,
megnéztem a hivatkozást, és valóban ott volt a ráadásul szignált kép, az oldalon található kapcsolatra írtam egy levelet, szóval itt az egész levelezés ami valóban nagyon érdekes, ajánlom figyelmébe minden kedves tenyésztő társamnak. A lap aljáról kezdődik.
Szóval még nekem kelett volna fizetnem a saját képemért :o)

Miserable !!!!!

From: Alexandr Kent

ok then let us whact and see because i will report your website and i will sue you to so if you want me to take of the pics and let us play save go and sent me 100 usd on the names..
ebini fred
country ... cameroon

From: agnes molnar <agnes.molnar01@gmail.com>

Unfortunatelly, the pictures are in the ownership of dogstar.hu, who are a group of an official photo studio, you can see their logo on the picture, so by publishing those on your site, you violate copyright law, what for you could be sued, so if you won't get those pictures down, trust me, it's not me who will pay.

Best Wishes
Agnes and her Lawyers

From: Alexandr Kent
ok i will take them off but can you sent over to me some small money any amount on the names.....EWBINI FRED
COUNTY ... CAMEROON and i will remove them please sent the money through western union and sent to me the reference number of the money and i will take of your pics

From: agnes molnar
No puppies, and my picture, remove the side,unlawful use

From: Alexandr Kent
if i may ask do you have a puppy ?

From:Agnes Molnar

immediately remove the my dog pictures on your site, No my dog, advertise ,